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1 Annual report  Upadated:31-07-2013
2 Articles of association  Upadated:12-11-2014
3 Brand pharma  Upadated:12-11-2014
4 Calendar of events  Upadated:12-11-2014
5 Circulars  Upadated:22-05-2015
6 Circulars for members  Upadated:22-05-2015
7 Comittee of administration  Upadated:09-12-2014
8 Committee of administration  Upadated:09-12-2014
9 Conferences and presentation  Upadated:05-05-2015
10 Contact us  Upadated:31-12-1969
11 Counterfeit drugs global news  Upadated:11-02-2014
12 Country wise news  Upadated:22-05-2015
13 Download forms  Upadated:06-07-2013
14 Drappajis compilation  Upadated:05-05-2015
15 Drugregister marketreport ipr  Upadated:23-02-2015
16 Dynamic and growing  Upadated:28-08-2013
17 Economic and commercial reports  Upadated:12-07-2014
18 Election 2012 2014  Upadated:12-07-2014
19 Forgot password  Upadated:12-07-2014
20 General information  Upadated:12-07-2014
21 General pharma events  Upadated:13-04-2015
22 Global pharma news  Upadated:13-04-2015
23 Global pharma news/(:any)  Upadated:13-04-2015
24 Government notifications circulars  Upadated:21-05-2015
25 Government schemes  Upadated:21-05-2015
26 Indian pharma companies  Upadated:02-08-2013
27 International drug regulations  Upadated:18-07-2014
28 International guidelines  Upadated:29-11-2013
29 Latest updates  Upadated:22-05-2015
30 Market information and reports  Upadated:09-07-2013
31 Member achievements  Upadated:09-07-2013
32 Members  Upadated:21-05-2015
33 Members achievements  Upadated:25-07-2013
34 My account  Upadated:22-05-2015
35 News on counterfeit drugs  Upadated:11-02-2014
36 Our services  Upadated:06-07-2013
37 Pharma news  Upadated:12-07-2014
38 Pharmexcil in media  Upadated:17-03-2015
39 Photo gallery  Upadated:19-05-2015
40 Press releases  Upadated:12-07-2014
41 Rcmc renewals  Upadated:12-07-2014
42 Relevent members forms  Upadated:03-08-2013
43 Reports or publications  Upadated:12-07-2014
44 Reprensetations to government  Upadated:12-07-2014
45 Resource center  Upadated:21-11-2014
46 Resources/country maps  Upadated:21-11-2014
47 Resources/country yellow pages  Upadated:21-11-2014
48 Resources/trade association  Upadated:21-11-2014
49 Resources/trade events  Upadated:21-11-2014
50 Resources/travel guide  Upadated:21-11-2014
51 Resources/world customs  Upadated:21-11-2014
52 Resources/world time  Upadated:21-11-2014
53 Resources/world weather  Upadated:21-11-2014
54 Site map  Upadated:21-11-2014
55 Submit trade enquriry  Upadated:21-11-2014
56 Thanks  Upadated:21-11-2014
57 Trade enquiries  Upadated:19-05-2015
58 Trade statistics  Upadated:12-07-2014
59 Useful information  Upadated:12-07-2014
60 Usefullinks or reports  Upadated:12-07-2014
61 User/mdamai/select_fy_mda_claim_form  Upadated:12-07-2014
62 Video gallery  Upadated:30-09-2014
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